Giants Do Fall...The Story of David

His Strength Production Presents

This new episodic series takes the classic stories of the Bible and retells them today, in our time. Helping people understand that God is with us every day in our daily lives. This is Modern Miracles.

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What Viewers are saying

DaNischa Taylor

Avid Film Watcher

It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time you are watching the series. It is important in this day and time for the younger generation to be able to see biblical stories that they can relate to and learn valuable lessons from. This is a must see movie! I can't wait to see the next biblical story!

Beverly Williams

Child Care Director

Putting Gods word into the screen is a way to reach out to more people. This movie potrays the image of what young people face day to day, but don't understand how the bible and God will help us through all challenges of life the good and bad. This movie kept me on the edge waiting for the next script. Great job!

Rebecca Sommeral


This film is amazing. To see the stories of the Bible told in our times is unique and groundbreaking. This is something we truly need in society. God is with us and at times we forget it. This story shines a light on a major tragedy plaguing our nation. I can't wait to see the rest of the Modern Miracles Series.

His Strength Productions

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